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Gravity in Motion by Allison Greco

Motion occurs when an object changes position. When an object moves in a certain direction, we say it is in motion. Think of a car driving down the street. When the car is moving, it is in motion. An object that is not in motion is at rest.. Imagine a moving car stops at a red light. It is now at rest. Motion can happen in any direction. Ob-jects can move up or down, left or right, forward or backward. Or, objects can move in more than one direction at once. Thank about an airplane flying up and away from us at the same time! READ MORE...

This wonderful article if by one of Spigot's talented contributors, Allison Greco.  I caught up with Allison to find out what's going on in her life.  Here's what she had to say...

 I am a 3rd year medical student at Jefferson Medical College, and as of last week, have recently committed to a career in Internal Medicine. I did my undergraduate work at the University of Scranton, where I studied biology and communication. When I was growing up, I loved my middle school science teacher and the things we learned about. He is probably one of the biggest reasons why I decided to go to medical school. It's also why I decided to write for Spigot Science.

I've always been an outspoken individual and have also enjoyed writing (Actually, when I was young, I tried to write a book series with a friend about two mischievous horseback-riding girls). In college I took some public speaking classes, and eventually got into communications. Unfortunately, some of my interests in writing and communication had to sit on the back-burner while I applied to and completed medical school. Now that the intensity of school has calmed down, I have become very involved in blogging, freelance writing, and social media, particularly for the medical field.

I maintain a blog about my personal experiences in medical school (www.md2bgrecoa3). I have also been featured on www. KevinMD.com, www.mindonmedicine.com, www.premed.me, and www.MCATquestionoftheday.com. Additionally, I am a member of www.HealthTap.com's HealthTap University, where I help answer medical questions submitted by patients.

I love to cook, and I have a weakness for cupcakes. I'd love to be able to experiment and come up with healthy and sugar-free recipes to share with others!

My biggest challenge as an author is to simply forge a way for myself as BOTH a writer and future physician. The medical field has only just started favoring students and physicians who are versed in the humanities over those that are more science-minded. Even though I studied communication in college, I have not had the opportunity to really get myself out there and do it until recently!

As of this week, I am now committed to Internal Medicine as a career. Internal medicine is a branch of medicine dealing just with adult medicine. I will be applying to a residency position at a university hospital, where I will train to teach future medical students! I keep a journal of my experiences, so I'd love to one day write a book about them. I'd also love to do medical correspondence work for the media.

My guilty pleasure is ghost-hunting reality TV shows. I have actually gone on a few ghost hunts myself!

Check out Allison's website at; www.md2bgrecoa3.com

Social Studies Connection

Moving Pictures

It has been only a short time in history since we have been able to see motion on a screen. People experimented with having still pictures move for a long time, then the invention of celluloid in the 1860s allowed the capture of still pictures on film.

This led to the development of the projector which would shine a light behind the celluloid to allow the pictures to be shown quickly, making our brains process the pictures as if they were moving ...READ MORE

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People on the Move - Geography Connection

When we think of motion, we usually think of wind, water, gravity, or some other natural force that causes things to move. However, people are on the move all the time, too. And it is not just because of the weather or gravity. People move because of the needs that they have. Here are a few examples:

  • We move from one place to another just to carry out the business of life. We go to the living room to watch TV; we move to the kitchen to cook and eat; and we leave the house to go to school.
  • Sometimes we travel to a place because it is where our parents work....READ MORE 

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