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Spigot Science Announces Measurement Publication

Measurement is something we do all the time. Sometimes we estimate, and at other times we take out a ruler and measure the size of a room. Sometimes measurements, like those in space, seem way beyond our comprehension. In this publication, we look at measurement from a variety of perspectives across the curriculum. We look as the ways we measure, some unusual measurements like the Smoot, how surveyors measured to build a canal in 1823, and how doctors use measurement. We hope this publication will cause students to think about some new ways to measure and how very important measurement is.
Measurement is available to our Premium subscribers. If you are a Basic member, you can upgrade your membership to receive Measurement as well as our next two publications during this school year, Weather and Electricity. Also included with the Premium subscription is the right to download our archive of 17 publications. In addition, you will receive eight issues of Science in the News plus all its back issues. Of course, you can share all of these with your class. When all is said and done, your cost per student per publication comes down to pennies. 
So don’t waste anytime. Sign up for your Premium subscription today and bring a new level of science literacy to your students.