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MEG: Origins - A Review

Did you know scientists believe a 70-foot long, 50 tonne shark called the Megaladon once swam the warm ocean waters?  MEG: Origins by Steve Alten delves into the undersea mystery and takes your teen reader on the adventure of the year.

Jonas Taylor a Navy deep sea submersible pilot has pushed himself to the limit, in fact, he's burned out, but that doesn't stop his commander from ordering him on another mission - this one to the Mariana Trench, a 7-mile deep, 1500 mile long gorge located at the bottom of the Western Pacific.  But little does Jonas and his team know that the coming tsunami is no match for the horror that is about to greet them far below the treacherous waters.

MEG: Origins is also available on; Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook

About the Author:

Steve’s novels are used by thousands of middle and high school teachers as part of their curriculum to encourage teens to read and, in fact, MEG was rated #1 Book for Reluctant Readers. This resulted in Steve launching his nationwide, non-profit program Adopt-An-Author that has over 10,000 teachers registered to date and has an unprecedented success rate in getting teens to read. See: http://www.adoptanauthor.com/.

As a special bonus to readers, this international best-selling author commissioned renowned “MEG artist” Erik Hollander to create nine original color images to introduce each chapter. Combining a white-knuckle story with dazzling images has set the bar for an e-book, with readers raving about the high-tech entertainment experience. Finally, as a way of honoring his loyal readers, Steve Alten is practically giving MEG: Origins away, pricing the e-book for only .99 cents!

For more information, visit http://www.stevealten.com/. And for anyone who has not yet read any of the MEG books, MEG: Origins will surely whet their appetite for things to come. Pleasant dreams…for now.


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