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Is the reading level too high? Here's what to do

The students in front of you are a mixture of auditory (hearing) learners, visual (seeing) learners, and kinesthetic (hands-on) learners–or a combination of either two or three of these modalities.  Try reading aloud any article that you know would be great for your students.   Actually, perform it–pausing, inflecting your voice, and interacting with your students as you read. Kids love to be read to.

Also it’s important to note that the students’ listening level is several grades higher than their actual reading level. Many times students understand words better by hearing them in context, than if they had to read, or struggle to read, them. By listening to you read (with meaning and enthusiasm), their reading/listening skills are being strengthened, along with their vocabulary and comprehension.

Doing this on a regular basis actually is a valuable practice, especially in the science class where the vocabulary and concepts are often more difficult than with other subjects.

Valeria B. Girandola
MSEd, Publisher, Editor in Chief
Spigot Science Magazine

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