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Geology of the Desert Southwest

Investigate how the earth was formed with 15 projects from Nomad Press and Geology of the Desert Southwest.  Educational, fun and hands on Geology of the Desert Southwest will keep your child learning.  Here's a peek at what's inside;

Introduction - Geology and Geography
Chapter 1 - Plate Tectonics
Chapter 2 - Mountains
Chapter 3 - Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Chapter 4 - Plateaus, Plains, Basins
Chapter 5 - Climate
Chapter 6 - Rivers and Lakes
Chapter 7 - Unique Ecosystems
Chapter 8 - The Coast
Chapter 9 -Natural Resources

In addition, this book gives your child a "Words to Know" list, fun facts, and, of course, 15 hands on projects like  "Make You Own Basin and Range" p.g. 27 and "Make You Own Solar Oven" p.g 65 - these projects are super fun, educational and use household items or ones that are easily found.  Geology of the Desert Southwest is rated for ages 9-12 or reading level; T.

Check out this and other Nomad Press books at; http://www.nomadpress.net/


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