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Spigot Author Sarah Richard

I caught up with another of Spigot's talented authors, Sarah Ricard (Sound & Cells Issue).  Read on as Sarah shares...

Tell us a bit about yourself.  I am originally from N'awlins, the oldest of five children (four brothers), have twin daughters (the only set in the entire family), love to work out, and play the piano.  Teaching GED classes was the best job I ever had because there was nothing like seeing a student graduate from high school, but I currently work in health care (I like night shift!).  My undergraduate degree was from the University of New Orleans in sociology, and I have a graduate degree in special education from Notre Dame.

When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?  Even as a small child, I was a writer.  I always wrote letters to everyone who knew me, wrote my first song at 8, and had a scary Halloween story (a cat sitting job in a house with a spooky AC) posted on display in elementary school.

When and with what book did you first get published?  Is Christmas Coming? was my first children's book through DiskUs Publishing www.diskuspublishing.com/sarahrichard.html after I finished college.  (I'd tell you the year, but then you'd know I'm old!)

What is your favorite part of being a writer?  It is fun to make people laugh.  A lot of my stories use humor.  (Free reading comprehension worksheets that use humor are available at the www.sarahvrichard.zoomshare.com website.)

What are you working on now?  The latest story I am working on is about a secret admirer for young adults. 

Do you have any quirks that help or hinder you has an author?  A sense of humor really brings stories to light by capturing the reader's attention.

What's the greatest moment you've had as a writer?  Any time something is published... Even if a book only sells a handful of copies, it is always fun to create and share stories.  Sometimes I wonder if I should stop writing because I haven't made the New York Times Best Seller list, but a good friend of mine said, "If you're having fun doing it, don't quit.  When it's no longer fun, then stop."  It'll always be fun for me, so I keep writing.

Anything you'd like to write about that you haven't yet?  There are a few story ideas I haven't put on paper yet, but my mind is always working overtime.

What has been you biggest challenge as a author?  Marketing is brutal.  BRUTAL!

Anything else you'd like to add?  Science is an interesting subject.  Science degrees make more money than writing degrees.

Check out Sarah online at; Sarah's Virtual Story Cafe www.sarahvrichard.zoomshare.com


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