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Cells Issue Coming Soon

Cells are the foundation of every living plant and animal. Without cells, we would not exist. In the latest issue of Spigot Science, Cells, we look at cells from many different perspectives to help students understand this complex topic. Some of the key articles in this issue help students understand:

  • the science of cells and cell division.
  • how technology and engineering are used with cells
  • how scientists mapped the human genome
  • what happens when cells mutate
  • and much more

Through its interdisciplinary approach, students learn in the Language Arts Connection about the many definitions of cells, and they practice applying facts by adapting a choral reading. They also learn about how cells can be combined with art. A dozen books about cells are reviewed in the Library Connection. 

Premium members can download this and all our other issues at the Spigot Science web site. If you are not a Premium member, sign up today and get all the Spigot Science themed publications and Science in the News to share with students for the next year at a very reasonable price.


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