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Explore the Wild West

Nomad Press has once again put together a fantastic book, this one is all about the Wild West.

Let's explore what you can expect to find;

Introduction ~ Begin the exciting journey
Chapter One ~ Where Was the Wild West - Location, location, location
Chapter Two ~  Gold Rush Miners - Learn who they were and what all the fuss was about
Chapter Three ~ Moving West - Why so many people headed west
Chapter Four - Pioneer Life - Food, clothing and what it took to be a pioneer
Chapter Five - Frontier Towns and Lawmen - Yes there was towns and a police-force to protect them
Chapter Six - Native People in the West - The first people to live there
Chapter Seven - Cowboys - Yippee Kiyha!  Learn about these western-wonders

Each chapter of "Explore the Wild West" has "Words to Know" to help your child expand his vocabulary, "Did You Know" that gives interesting facts, and of course, great projects that can be done with ordinary, household items.  In fact there's 25 projects, like "Make Your Own Panning for Gold Tray" (pg. 19) and "Make Your Own Mini Quilt" (pg. 48), plus 23 more fun and educational projects

Check out, Explore the Wild West and other Nomad Explore titles here.  This book is perfect for kids 6-9.

Want to win a copy of, Explore the Wild West?  Leave me a comment in this blog post.  I will do a random draw on Sunday August 26th for one lucky winner.  Good Luck!


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