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Geology of the Great Plains and Mountain West

Investigate how the earth was formed with 15 projects and fun facts in this new title by Nomad Press - Build it Yourself Series.

Here's a peek inside;

Introduction - Geology and Geography
Chapter 1 - Plate Tectonics Shape Our Land and Sea
Chapter 2 - Mountain Ranges
Chapter 3 - Volcanoes and Earhquakes!
Chapter 4 - The Plains
Chapter 5 - Climate
Chapter 6 - Rivers
Chapter 7 - Ecosystems
Chapter 8 - The Great Lakes

Geology of the Great Plains and Mountain West is an excellent, educational book.  And, as with all Nomad Press Build it Yourself books, Great Plains includes tonnes of informative facts and fun do-it-yourself projects. 

Check out, Make Your Own Popcorn Time p.g. 18, Make Your Own Needle-Like Crystals p.g. 58 and my personal favorite, Make Your Own Grassy "Tree" p.g. 96

Parents, you can't go wrong with this book!  It's packed with so many things to do and explore, your child will forget it's totally educational.

Nomad Press is on the web at; http://www.nomadpress.net/


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