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Keeping Accurate Time with Atomic Clocks

Time is something that we have trouble keeping track of. Keeping accurate time is virtually impossible for the average person, but thanks to atomic clocks, we all can be in sync with the world. Our first Science in the News for this school year is entitled Keeping Accurate Time with Atomic Clocks. It helps students understand why accurate time is important and how complex it is to be so precise. This article is a preview of the Measurements issue of Spigot Science for Kids and Classrooms, which will be published in October.

To help teachers use this tool effectively, vocabulary, comprehension, research topics, and an activity are included with the article.

Science in the News is published monthly from September to May. Premium members of Spigot Science may download this and any of the other of the 13 articles to use with students. If you are not a Premium member, you can receive a significant discount on membership for a short time. Check out the details on the Spigot Science web site and sign up today!


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