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As a premium member, you will enjoy a full year of classroom use and site access rights to our expanding list of publications. This includes all 17 of our editions, and dozens of our Science-in-the-News activities.  And, coming this Fall is our long-awaited new release: Measurement. 
There's also a Creepy, Crawly surprise for your students (read on).
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Coming this Fall!

 Be sure to be a premium member in time for the release of our next publication this fall. Students will learn the many dimensions of  measurement and measurement systems, taught from a multi-curriculum perspective.
There's a Creepy Crawly surprise for your kids to Tap Into!
We have finally released our interactive learning module called Amazing Ants.  Your students will love to see this projected on your board, or click through it for themselves to learn all about this amazing creature.  Goes great with our Bugs issue!
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