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A Shaky, Teachable Moment

by Lyle Girandola
Where were you at 1:51 EST on August 23'rd? Were you setting up your classroom? Preparing a lesson plan? Getting in the last of your summer vacation?
Earthquake map of the VA epicenter on 8/23/11
Earthquake map of the VA epicenter on 8/23/11

If you were somewhere on the east coast–say East Windsor, NJ, like me–chances are you felt what I felt. It was about 20 seconds of pure bewilderment.

The earthquake of 2011!

I was in my car eating a hamburger. I thought someone, like the cholesterol police, came up behind me and started jumping on the rear bumper. I got out of my car and continued to watch with amazement while my haunted shiny vehicle did its own little dance right there in the lot!

I even opened my trunk. Did I accidentally lock someone inside it? (I hate when that happens!)...read more


Sarita said...

I was sitting at my desk trying to write and article and began to fell motion sickness. It was awful!

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