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Spigot, Science Kits, and Collaboration

Science Kits are a growing vehicle of choice in many elementary and middle school districts.  They provide a ready-made themed unit, complete with measuring and other tools, models, hands-on experiments and activities, workbooks, charts and graphs to fill out, and collaborative student work groups.  Extending the lesson is, of course, left up to the teacher.  Enter Spigot Science Magazine for Kids and Classrooms.    
Spigot supports the theme with online activities, thought-provoking articles, ideas to do-it-yourself and questions to ponder. Send a Spigot page home, or better yet, have students access it online in school and/or at home, where they can strengthen their technology skills with follow-up homework.

And speaking of collaboration—Spigot’s great Table of Contents in every issue lends itself to team discussion and planning across the curriculum. Imagine an aspect of say…Simple Machines… being taught in science class, math class, language arts, social studies, the arts, and even health classes!  As they say in Project 2061, “Concepts are learned best when they are encountered in a variety of contexts and expressed in a variety of ways, for that ensures that there are more opportunities for them to become imbedded in a student’s knowledge system.”     

Find all this and more in each of Spigot’s publications: WATER, TREES THE UNIVERSE, SIMPLE MACHINES, PATTERNS, ENERGY, ECOSYSTEMS, CHANGING EARTH, TELESCOPES, DESIGN, BUGS, ROCKS and MINERALS, SOUND and PLANTS - Click on Magazine pic below to check out our back issues.
Science is all around us! 

Valeria B. GirandolaMSEd, Publisher, Editor in Chief
Spigot Science Magazine


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