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Announcing Science-in-the-News!

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The deepest parts of our oceans are among the least explored and most unknown places on Planet Earth. Through the use of submarines and remotely operated devices, scientists are discovering what life exists in the deep ocean.

In the latest issue of Science in the News, students learn about what movie director James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic, and more) saw on his recent dive into the Challenger Deep near Guam.

And, as if this were not deep enough, we also share what scientists are finding by using remote probes that actually snoop BENEATH the ocean's floor!    

As many have come to expect with our monthly issue of SITN, discussion questions, vocabulary, and activities are included with the short text to help students not only understand the topic, but to also infer new knowledge.  We believe that as students improve their grasp of science vocabulary, their interest in science grows dramatically.    

As a premium member, Science in the News is included for downloading, as is all of our wide selection of Spigot content.

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What a gem of a site! I am your newest follower and look forward to more visits. So glad Sandie Lee found me and directed me here!

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