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Cells Are Vital to Plant Life ~ Science Connection

by Sarah Richard

Cells are the building blocks of all plants and animals. Plants are made of many different types of cells. Each cell has a specific purpose so that the plant can function properly. Just as with animals, all of the plant cells work together as a whole to make the plant come to life.

A plant has parts such as flowers, stems, leaves, and roots. Different cells make up each of these plant parts. Each cell plays a vital role to sustain the life cycle of the plant. READ MORE...

Activities To Do From This Article

1. Pick one type of plant cell.
2. Find two websites, one book, and one magazine article about the plant cell.
3. Make a list of what the plant cell does.
4. Draw a diagram or picture to illustrate the function of the chosen plant cell.
5. Share and explain your diagram to someone else


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