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Summertime Ideas for Your Students

Summer is a great time to relax and unwind. For many kids it can also be a time of alternating between high activity and extreme boredom. TV, social media, and video games fill some of the void, but many upper elementary and middle school kids are itching to do something more.
Many schools offer lists of ideas for reading and writing activities to ward off the summer doldrums and keep learning alive.
We, at Spigot Science, would be remiss if we didn’t suggest some ideas that might help kids stay connected with science.
1.  Go to the local library and participate in their summer reading program. Some libraries offer science programs, too. You could download Spigot Science book reviews from the Library
Connection to focus on specific science topics. Keep a record of what you read and what you learn.

2.  Prepare a science fair project just for fun. The Spigot Science Library Connection suggests some good books for science fair ideas. The experiments done in the summer just may provide a head start on next year’s science fair.

3.  Go outside and take a lot of digital pictures. Look at them and see if you see a theme. Go back outdoors and take pictures related to the theme. Put these pictures together in your favorite multimedia program and share your digital story with others.

4.  Take a field trip to a science museum or zoo. There may even be a workshop for you to participate in.

5.  Record the things that interest you with a digital camera. Summarize what you learn in a slide show, video, or poster. If you have the space, plant a small garden or create a vegetable garden in pots. Tend the garden and watch it grow. Observe the stages plants grow through. Enjoy the harvest.

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